Luis Galli

Luis Galli (AEA - SAG ) is a Peruvian-Italian actor with approximately 40 credits in theater, he has worked off Broadways and off off Broadway, Switzerland and Peru. He was last seen in  the musical “The Zombies: A Musical” at the Playwright Horizons Theater in NYC. Luis has a Master in Fine Arts from the Actor’s Studio - New School University. Among his favorite roles are Song Liling in “M.Butterfly”, Peter the psychopath rapist in “Toyer” and the charming Peter Quince in “Mid-Summer s night dream” directed by the created of Theater in the park Mr. Stuart Vaughan at the Lucile Lortel Theater. Luis last name appears in the walk of fame through famous Aunt Amelita Galli Curci. Luis has 17 credits between film and TV (Imdb) he danced with Jennifer Lopez in “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. His first movie was a blockbuster in Peru “Vidas Paralelas” and his last movie “La Novia del Libertador” (also as La Amante del Libertador” opened in NYC last may and soon will be released in Europe. Luis plays 2 roles in different times, In 1871 he is Earl Mariano de Aliaga and in 2014 Rodrigo the Spanish editor of famous Madrid magazine. Luis has worked before as a Lawyer for the United Nations in Switzerland and speaks 3 languages.Luis is a film producer keeping his goal to show Ibero American stories around the world.

 He also works as a Professor/Drama Coordinator at the New School University. Luis is thankful to God, the Universe, his grandparents Esperanza, Luis, nono Enrique and his family. GRACIAS.